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Operation and maintenance services

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Gamesa's end-to-end service offering is rounded out with an extensive range of operation and maintenance services. The company maintains more than 22 GW in 36 different countries.

As well as predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance, Gamesa has developed a suite of value-added solutions with the goal of reducing its customers' cost of energy. the most notable of these services are:

  • Life extension: a series of structural reforms designed to prolong the useful lives of turbines made by Gamesa and other manufacturers from 20 to 30 years.
  • Energy Thrust: by applying the latest software and hardware developments to Gamesa's 660 kW, 850 kW and 2.0 MW turbines, individual turbines can be tailored and upgraded to produce as much as 5% more power every year.
  • Overhaul: complete reconfiguration of the electric and electronic systems of the turbines to enable application of the life-extension programme features, thereby guaranteeing availability until year 30 of the turbine’s useful life.

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