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The company's human capital management model is based on respecting and complying with universally recognised international standards, relating generally to human rights and specifically to labour.

Work/life balance

This characteristic is also reflected in the approach to work/life balance, which was designed and implemented by the company on the basis of diversity in its workforce and activity. Measures in this area include flexible time, concentrating work hours in a single block, holidays, flexible compensation, and comprehensive support for employees who work abroad.


Gamesa offers professional development opportunities through training and professional experience. These are fundamental axes of the talent management cycle that we manage from the Corporate University, launched in 2010. With this initiative the company contributes to the employability of its employees, and those of the rest of the supply chain, as well as promoting commitment and alignment with corporate strategy and culture.

Equality Plan

Gamesa 's human capital management approach integrates equality, cultural diversity, non-discrimination, and equal opportunities.

In 2014 Gamesa and trade unions representatives signed an Equality Plan. This initiative is intended as a general framework for action at all of the workplaces worldwide in which Gamesa has a presence, subject to local legislation.

The Equality Plan is geared towards strengthening Gamesa's culture of diversity and equality, encouraging non-discriminatory hiring and fostering equality of opportunity between women and men in career development and promotion and facilitating work-life balance. Almost twenty-five percent of Gamesa's global workforce is now made up of women, which sets a good example for the energy industry.

Social contract

Gamesa is firmly committed to dialogue and collective bargaining with its employees based on respect for their freedom of association, and it promotes the existence of union representation at its plants throughout the world.

It is standard practice to build positive relationships with the trade unions in the United States and Spain. In 2010, Gamesa signed its second collective agreement in the US and reached other important agreements with workers.

In China, the National Union encourages workers to establish their own unions; Gamesa management in China supports all initiatives in this direction and coordinates with the National Union in this regard.

Unionisation is a basic right of workers under Indian law. Gamesa in India firmly supports any measures oriented to the creation of a positive labour environment where there are no barriers between management and workers, encouraging all negotiation processes.

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