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The capital stock of Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica S.A. amounts to €47,475,693.79, represented by book entries, and consists of 279,268,787 fully subscribed and paid common stock shares of €0.17 per value each, with identical rights and a single class and series.

Gamesa has been listed on the Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao Stock Exchanges and its shares have been traded on the Spanish computerized trading system (continuous market) since October 31, 2000.

Share capital evolution
ConceptDateShare capitalShares
Accelerated bookbuilding                  
09/08/14 47,475,693.79 euros 279,268,787
Capital Increase 07/25/12 43,159,721.89 euros 253,880,717
Capital Increase 07//15/11  42,039,297.28 euros  247,289,984 
Capital Increase 07/19/10 41,770,668.89 euros 245,709,817
Share Split 3 x 1 05/28/04 41.360,983.68 euros 243,299,904
Capital Increase 05/28/04 41.360,983.68 euros 81,099,968
Float on the stock exchange 10/31/00 40.549,984.00 euros 81,099,968

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