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Gamesa G58-850 kW

Properties of the model


 Diameter  58 m
 Swept area  2,642 m²
 Rotational speed  19.44 - 30.8 rpm


 Number of blades  3
 Length  28.3 m
 Airfoils  NACA 63. XXX + FFA-W3
 Material  Fiberglass pre-impregnated with epoxy resin


 Type  Modular
 Height  44, 55, 65 and 74 m



1 planetary stage 

2 parallel axis stages 


1:61.74 (50Hz)

1:74.5 (60Hz)


 Type  Dual power fed
 Rated power  850 kW
 Voltage  690 V AC
 Frequency  50 Hz / 60Hz
 Potection class  IP 54
 Power factor  0.95 CAP - 0.95 IND at partial loads and 1 at nominal power

wind turbines

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