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Wind turbines

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Made AE-59-800 KW

Wind turbines Made AE-59-800 KW

General layout of the product 


  • Clase III -A.
  • Synchronous generator with independent excitation and brushless.
  • Full range variable speed .
  • Grid connection by full converter.
  • Variable pitch system independent for each blade.
  • Latest technology components.
  • Made GESWIND: remote monitoring and control system with Web access.

Mechanical design

MECHANICAL DESIGN The low-speed shaft, main bearing, gearbox and coupling make up drive train. Its duty is the driving of mechanical power to the electrical generator in suitable conditions for energy production.

Main shaft lies on a double aisles roller bearing and gets joined to the gearbox through a compression ring. An elastic gearbox-generator coupling is used, able to withstand misalignments during normal continuous operation.

Electrical Design

The generator is a synchronous type. This variable speed system enables the wind turbine to optimise energy output when the wind speed is below the rated speed.

Guidance System

Wind turbine has an active positioning system, that yaws the nacelle to keep the rotor aligned with the incoming wind.

By means of wind sensors located outside the nacelle (duplicated for safety policy), control detects whether nacelle is correctly positioned or not.


Foundation of the wind turbine ensures its stability for design requirements and is designed for a wide range of soils.


Each blade has its own independent actuating hydraulic system. For emergency shut-down sequence, each blade has an accumulator that is capable to pitch the blade to feather position at 12º/s with independence of the main control system.

Mechanical brake is placed on high speed shaft and consists of a disc and a hydraulic calliper. This is a fail safe design brake.

Tower and Nacelle

Nacelle shields all wind turbine components from the weather and environment, and isolates the noise generated by the machine.

The set frame-hood is assembled at top of the tower. The tower is manufactured in tubular-cone shaped sections bolted to each other, rising the rotor up to a height of 60 m.

Control system

The wind turbine MADE - AE-59 -800 kW is equipped with a control system that carries out all necessary functions to enable the wind turbine operate in automatic mode. This control system rules with all operating sequences and recognises any possible defect during the operation, triggering the braking devices and keeping the wind turbine within the pre-set safety values.

Control system supplies necessary data to evaluate remotely and in real time the performances of the turbine.   


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