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Global Thechnology, Everlasting Energy


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One of Gamesa’s goals is to contribute, through its business activities, to the generation of wealth and well-being in its operating communities. To this end, the company takes a holistic and active approach to its business responsibilities in these regions, directly, in its capacity as employer, customer and supplier, and indirectly, by paying taxes and seeking representation via associations.

As a driver of industrial activity, Gamesa’s operations have a clear-cut economic impact on its operating markets via the investments it makes and the attractive jobs it creates. In addition to generating and distributing economic value in this manner, the company’s community influence extends beyond the impact of its business operations, representing more of a long-term commitment.

Accordingly, its business endeavours are complemented by the provision of other classes of services designed to create community well-being, generate financial income and drive technological development. The key initiatives focus on the following kinds of programmes:

  • Local development cooperation work;
  • Access to education and skills development;
  • Local culture preservation;
  • Provision of health services;
  • Fortification of the community and its groups and constituents from an institutional standpoint;
  • Environmental, social and cultural programmes which involve local networks and multiple institutions.

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