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Gamesa encourages environmental protection and sustainability in carrying out all its activities and in all the geographies in which it does business. It is committed to continuous improvement of environmental record and the application of best practices, striving to better protect the environment by taking a preventative approach and fostering awareness and training.

By means of its Integrated Health & Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Policy, Gamesa guarantees a safe workplace, propitious to stringent environmental respect throughout its products’ entire life cycle and all along its value chain - from turbine design to wind farm commissioning.

Gamesa’s Code of Conduct similarly includes environmental preservation as one of its core lines of initiative. Gamesa’s employees are also required to help minimise the environmental ramifications of their activities and use of the company’s facilities.

However, Gamesa’s activities do have an environmental impact at the global scale and an impact on the consumption of natural resources and the generation of waste, discharges and emissions at the local level.

Progress made in 2015

Gamesa substantially improved its environmental performance in 2015. Highlights:

  • Hazardous waste was cut by 7%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions were verified for the fifth year in a row under the ISO 14064 standard
  • Eco-design certification was obtained for the G128-5.0 MW and G132-5.0 MW turbines along with their respective environmental product declarations
  • Participation in the process of certifying the environmental impacts of some of the Iberdrola wind farms equipped with the G90-2MW.

Climate change policy

Keenly aware of the threat posed by climate change, in 2015, Gamesa formulated a specific climate change policy. By means of this statement - in keeping with its group Corporate Social Responsibility Policy - the company has pledged to promote renewable energy sources to help achieve a low - carbon and therefore more-environmentally friendly global energy generation model.To this end, the company fosters the sustainable use of resources, a culture of respect for our natural surroundings and a commitment to combating climate change.

Evidencing this pledge, Gamesa signed several initiatives associated with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions against the backdrop of the Paris Conference of Parties (COP21), notable among which:

  • American Business Act on Climate Pledge: an initiative promoted by the US government and signed by more than 140 companies.
  • Paris Pledge for Action.


In the course of its business operations, Gamesa interacts with several ecosystems, landscapes and species. Gamesa uses a number of mechanisms to preserve biodiversity and minimise its impact on the environment.

Firstly, before it builds a wind farm, Gamesa conducts an environmental impact study and establishes corrective measures to prevent, mitigate or offset any potential damage. Later, the wind farms are operated in compliance with the permits granted by the environmental authorities in each region, subject to the restrictions and obligations imposed to guarantee environmental protection. In addition, the company designs plans for monitoring and controlling its facilities’ environmental performance to prevent potential risks.

Lastly, Gamesa protects species and habitats by means of proactive conservation management and site research with the aim of having a net positive impact on the environment.

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