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Gamesa strives to establish relations with its suppliers, contractors and professional service providers based on trust, transparency and the sharing and cross-fertilisation of know-how and skills. The goal is to power a responsible and sustainable supply chain, framed at all times by the stringent standards of quality which define the company.

To this end, the company has a specific policy governing supplier relations and contracting, which was updated in 2015 and provides a group-wide framework for the management and control of procurement activities. Specifically, Gamesa ensures the impartiality and objectivity of its supplier selection processes and puts in place the channels and mechanisms needed to ensure that it suppliers’ conduct is ethical, to which end it has pledged to take action if any of its suppliers breaches the values and principles enshrined in the company’s Code of Conduct.

In addition, the company has adopted the RePro system , an external online supplier database used by the main energy sector companies. The aim of this system is to guarantee that all its member fulfill the required quality standards on compliance in an ethically responsible corporate culture.

Throughout 2015, Gamesa continued to reinforce its supply chains in its operating regions, helping to generate wealth and contribute to economic stability in the process.

Gamesa’s supplier base was made up of 9,528 suppliers worldwide in 2015 and encompassed purchase volumes of €3.03 billion. By geography, Spain (28%), India (17%), China (16%) and Brazil (13%) accounted for the largest shares of the purchasing pie. The company also fosters its suppliers’ global development by offering them the possibility of supplying beyond their home markets to other regions in which Gamesa has business operations.


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