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Business risk control

Gamesa's enterprise risk management model underpins the company's performance on all dimensions - delivery of business objectives, creation of value for the various stakeholders and support for the organisation's sustainable and profitable development -, by minimising the various risks intrinsic to the different countries, sectors and markets in which it operates and the activities it performs.

Gamesa combines a general risk management method that aligns criteria and ensures deployment of the general risk management policy with other specific methodologies that may be required under specific laws, regulations or processes, including:

  • Proactive contribution by all members to a preventative end-to-end, integrated risk management culture.
  • Ongoing identification of significant risks, assessing their impact, probability of occurrence and level of control, in order to take the appropriate action (risk mitigation, transfer, sharing and/or elimination).
  • Analysis of the risks associated with new investments as a core component of decisionmaking in terms of the risk-reward trade-off.
  • Regular monitoring and control of earnings-related risks with a view to controlling volatility in annual profits.
  • IT, reporting and control systems designed to enable regular and transparent assessment and reporting of performance on risk management.

The company has a corporate risk map which is updated six-monthly and monitored monthly or quarterly. Each year a more comprehensive review is also carried out in conjunction with the process of updating the annual targets. this corporate risk map is rounded out with specific risk maps for the key regions (Europe & RoW, US, China, india and brazil); in compiling these maps management considers whether it is appropriate to add any of the risks identified in the corporate map.

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